About Us

Established in 2010, Zomia Group is a boutique provider of the following services: 
  • Fund Management, 
  • Risk Management Consulting, and 
  • Corporate Services.
Our sector coverage include, but not limited to Cross-Border Structuring, Emerging Market, Real-Estate, Manufacturing and Distribution.

Zomia Group's philosophy centres on establishing a strong relationship with our clients, based on personalised service, cost awareness and efficiency using our experienced industry personnel. 

About Zomia

Zomia is a geographical term coined in 2002 by historian Willem van Schendel of the University of Amsterdam to refer to the huge massif of mainland Southeast Asia that has historically been beyond the control of governments based in the population centers of the lowlands. 

It stretches across the standard regional designations: South Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia; along with its ecological diversity and its relation to states, it arouses a lot of interest. Zomia is the biggest remaining area of Earth whose inhabitants have not been completely absorbed by nation-states.