Dr Diep Ho
Director and Founder of Zomia Consulting Group

Diep have worked on a consultancy-basis for Dongtam Group as Chief Financial Strategist.  Dongtam Group is a Vietnamese diversified conglomerate with products including, but not exclusive to: construction materials, home appliances, industrial park development, township development, international container port development.

Prior to that Diep worked on structuring and setting up a de novo AAA-rated and Austrian regulated startup bank, Azure AG (from the outset, Azure was structured to be rated triple-A by three rating agencies: Standard & Poors, Moody's and Fitch). Within Azure AG, Diep held the dual role as Chief Risk Officer and Chief Operational Officer for 3 years.

Prior to that Diep worked as Senior Risk Developer at Cheyne Capital Management LLP, one of Europe largest hedge fund with $12 billions asset under management.

Prior to that Diep worked at Gordian Knot, an asset management company with US$45 billions asset under management. He was at Gordian Knot for 5 years as portfolio manager and quantitative asset manager with responsibility in portfolio optimisation of the $40 billion Sigma Finance portfolio and the US$5 billions Theta Corporation portfolio. 

Within Gordian Knot he also worked as quantitative structurer, structuring the $5 billion credit derivative product company (CDPC), Theta Corporation. 

Diep holds a Doctorate in Mathematics from London’s City University, a MSc Hons in Mathematics and Computing from Manchester University and a BSC Hons. in Mathematics from Warwick University.  He is a British National.  Is fluent in English and Vietnamese and lives in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.